reflect before you snack
amanda | 17 yr o | fire lord

my daily summer routine consists of getting too emotional over dane dehaan and overeating guacamole before it turns brown.


*hears footsteps* *closes 12 tabs and goes to facebook*

oh my gsame
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this is from spy kids

spy kidsomfg
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fill in the blanks

1. name: amanda
2. birthday: september 26
3. favorite color: yellow
4. lucky number: 17
5. height: 153cm


1. last dream you remember: there was this boy who would randomly sit on my couch every day after we went to watch mulan (again, every day) and then one day he was like “so i guess we’re dating now” and i was like “yeah i guess.” so then a couple days later i was on my usual routine of going to the mulan theater when suddenly they said mulan was no longer going to be played and instead we were going to have to listen to a college lecture. my anger woke me up.
2. can you juggle: lol no
3. art/sports/both: art
4. do you like writing: yes 
5. do you like dancing: yes but i suck
6. do you like singing: yeah!


1. dream vacation: dubai
3. dream guy/gal: dane dehaan and any attractive pasty ginger
4. dream wedding: idk but sushi is a must
5. dream pet: dragon
6. dream job: ceo of disney :—-)


1. favorite song: that’s a tough call i don’t think i have one??? maybe you always hurt the one you love by the mills brothers. or break it to me gently by brenda lee. IDK something from the mad men era at least
2. favorite album: channel orange - frank ocean probably!!!
3. favorite artist: frank ocean <3
4. last song you heard on the radio: idr but probably either rude or that song that goes smth like “am i wrong?? for thinking that we could be something for reaaaal” (i think that’s how it goes)
6. least favorite album: i don’t listen to albums by artists i dont like ??? so yeah i dont have a least fav album
7. least favorite artist: iggy azalea 


1. guys/girls/both: dudes
2. hair color: red
3. eye color: idc about eye color in the slightest, but if someone has nice eyes then i’ll notice it first definitely
4. humorous/serious: funny i guess but i kind of like the serious type but like the dorky serious ones zuko im talking about prince zuko
5. taller/shorter: taller bc im literally the size of a shrimp
6. biggest turn-off: trash grier and anyone that has the typical Douchey White Boy flavor
7. biggest turn-on: daddy kink ahahaaaaaaa, also collar bones and hickeys just a lot of neck worship u feel

mei love these
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Keira Knightley out & about in NYC, June 26th, 2014

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batgirl year one  ▸ issue #1

barbara gordondc
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There are those who say fate is something beyond our command. That destiny is not our own, but I know better. Our fate lives within us, you only have to be brave enough to see it.

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